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Rainy Day Contemplations on Suffering
Learning from hardship
Uploaded 9 Sep 2016
Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project: The First Buddhist Nunnery in the UK
A milestone for female monasticism in Britain
Uploaded 5 Aug 2016
<i>Buddhistdoor View</i>: Dharma and the Erotic
A good deal of contemporary Buddhist literature exists that confronts unhealthy and deluded ideas of romantic and sexual love. Today’s popular media and advertising certainly peddles a distorted
Uploaded 12 Jun 2015
Everyday Heroes
As a child, I remember hearing about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The story I heard was that one day as Rosa was on her way home, tired after a long day at work, she refused to give up h
Uploaded 8 May 2015
Don’t Rush Past the Suffering
Suffering—we are all familiar with this term
Uploaded 27 Mar 2015
Too Busy for Mindfulness
There are times when life feels light and spacious, and times when life feels tight and full. Mindfulness practice is a way of life that can help us through all of these times – to savour peace and jo
Uploaded 3 Jun 2014
Celebrate for its Own Sake: Happy Vesak to You!
Vesak is approaching and I have been contemplating just what Vesak is. I wasn't born into a Buddhist family or a Buddhist culture, but I chose to become a Buddhist nun with great joy. Yet the celebrat
Uploaded 5 May 2014
Does the Pure Land Really Exist? (Part 1)
Of all the Chinese Buddhist traditions, Pure Land Buddhism has perhaps the largest following. Although the Pratyutpanna Sutra (which describes a fairly advanced form of Pure Land practice) came to Ch
Uploaded 12 Sep 2012
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