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Buddhist Ethics: Compassion for All
Dr. Lisa Kemmerer is a philosopher-activist dedicated to working against oppression, whether on behalf of the environment, nonhuman animals, or disempowered human beings. Her books include In Search o
Uploaded 21 Jan 2013
Donald Scripps - What Can a Fictional Anglican Teach Anyone?
My favourite character in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys is easily Donald Scripps. Chaste and devoted, Scripps is a lay Anglican amidst a cohort of irreverent classmates, and a prolific, vulgar swear
Uploaded 9 Jan 2012
Perspectives: First Invite Love In
Author: Tanna Pesso, with Penor Rinpoche (2010)   Training the Heart and Mind for Peace and Compassion     Tana Pesso’s meditation manual, First Invite Love In, is a collection of forty exercises
Uploaded 1 Sep 2011
Lessons from Mindfulness
We can distinguish circumstances as considered intended (whether they're actually intended is another story) or unintended - situations deemed as deliberately chosen, or contingent. The consciously in
Uploaded 25 Apr 2011
Jawaharlal Nehru's Statements on the Buddha and Buddhism
The Buddha emphasized many times that the doctrine he preached was understandable only by the wise. He also said that one who sees the dhamma can see the Buddha and vice versa. The statement is very t
Uploaded 1 Mar 2011
Applied Buddhism And Global Economic Crisis
Modern Buddhism has become an intrinsic part of a globalized world. With its philosophy of the way of life, it takes special place in human and cultural identity. Buddhism in modern times ha
Uploaded 10 Jan 2010
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