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Thabarwa Centre — A Refuge for the Homeless in Myanmar
The compassion and wisdom of social enagement
Uploaded 24 Feb 2017
Self-reflection in Kashmir
A meditation on the path to conflict resolution and interfaith harmony
Uploaded 3 Feb 2017
Healing the Wounds of War with Love and Compassion
Facing the legacy of war in Vietnam with Buddhist compassion
Uploaded 21 Oct 2016
Reducing plastic pollution in the place of Buddha's Enlightenment
Lillian Sum is the founding director of Sacred Earth Trust and is based in India.I first arrived in Bodhgaya in 2006. My first feelings about Buddhism’s holiest location were mixed. They ranged from a
Uploaded 9 May 2014
We must humanize the demonized
In difficult economic times, when people are understandably scared and uncertain about their futures, it is an unfortunate human weakness to look for someone easy to blame. People of religion have a d
Uploaded 18 Mar 2013
Is the Physical World a Product of our Karma?
Addressing a common mistake about karma and the world
Uploaded 30 Mar 2011
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