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The Dharma in Nature
Peace and transcendence through communion with the natural world
Uploaded 13 Feb 2020
Self-reflection in Kashmir
A meditation on the path to conflict resolution and interfaith harmony
Uploaded 3 Feb 2017
Art as Buddhist Practice—A Portrait of Tsunma Jamyang Donma
Harsha Menon talks with a creator of glass thangkas
Uploaded 21 Aug 2015
The ‘Double Dukkha’ of Craving and Addiction
Sangeeta Bansal Ph.D, a researcher and writer, is also the founder of a non-profit called Mindside, which aims to make the benefits of mindfulness meditation available to all. Mindside offers an eight
Uploaded 3 Jun 2014
The amplification of Buddhist monastic rules during the rains-retreat <i>vassavasa</i>
Part two of a series about the ancient rains-retreat
Uploaded 16 Oct 2013
Breaking the Habit: Buddhism and the Personal Aspects of Suffering
This is a shortened and edited version of an article I wrote for the recently published second volume of Book B. Book B is a contemporary series of books featuring articles about spirituality, art, an
Uploaded 7 Feb 2011
How to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice Through the Energy of Prayer
A complete immersion in Buddhist discipleship requires awareness and mindfulness of the intensely personal dimensions of the Buddhist heritage. For disciples, the intimacy of the Buddha is revealed in
Uploaded 2 Jul 2010
The lover’s calling and the Four Divine Abodes: Dynamics of relationships and the Buddhist vocation
This week’s column is dedicated to Jo.   The coming Sunday is Valentine’s Day, the day on which couples take a special time-out for each other and exchange gifts as tokens of their devotion. It mi
Uploaded 12 Feb 2010
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