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The Contemporary Newar Art Movement of the Kathmandu Valley
The renaissance of Buddhist art in Nepal
Uploaded 13 Jan 2017
Dances of the Luminous Bardo
Echoes of Buddhist wisdom in Bhutan
Uploaded 6 Jan 2017
Reflections on Learning to Paint like a Medieval <i>Thangka</i> Painter: Hand-grinding Gems and Minerals into Pigment
Appreciating the more-than-700-year-old tradition of the Newari people of Nepal
Uploaded 26 Feb 2016
A Concern for Beauty
Celebrating intangible dance culture
Uploaded 17 Jul 2015
<i>Charya Nritya</i>: Ancient Buddhist Dances of Wisdom and Healing in the Modern World
Bringing the Buddhist dancing heritage to life
Uploaded 17 Apr 2015
"Pizzled" and "Frazzled" Minds: How Meditation can Help
Sangeeta Bansal Ph.D, a researcher and writer, is also the founder of a non-profit called Mindside, which aims to make the benefits of mindfulness meditation available to all. Mindside offers an eight
Uploaded 8 Mar 2014
Let’s see the Buddha through His Teaching on this Visakha Festival
  “Ekapuggalo bhikkhave loke uppajjamāno uppajjati …….. Bhikkhus” - a certain person arises in the world for the welfare of many, for the happiness of many, out of comp
Uploaded 20 May 2010
Compassion that Flourished in the Deer Park of Isipatana (Part 2/2)
Some people expresses doubt in regard to the possibility of cultivating loving kindness and compassion in a situation where one’s life is at risk. However the Puṇṇasutta of Saṃyuttanikāya (SN: 35.88)
Uploaded 17 Dec 2009
Compassion that Flourished in the Deer Park of Isipatana (1/2)
Being dissatisfied with the princely life and seeing the four sights, namely, an old man; a diseased man; a corpse and an ascetic, Siddhartha, the prince, renounced the worldly life and became an asce
Uploaded 12 Oct 2009
Deerpark in India
Deer Park is the name of a park in Varanasi, India, the site of present-day Sarnath.  The Deer Park was also called Rishi-patana or ‘the place where hermits gather’.  This is the place where Śākyamuni
Uploaded 1 Nov 2007
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