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The Way of the Bodhisattvas
An insightful new column from a distinguished teacher
Uploaded 31 Mar 2017
Airbrushing our Heroes
Exploring the acceptance and forgiveness of our own failings and those of others
Uploaded 29 Jan 2016
The Siikainen Stupa: The Northernmost Stupa in the World
The “Siikainen Stupa,” named after its location in the Siikainen Municipality, in the Satakunta region of western Finland, is the northernmost stupa in the world. This is the story of its construction.
Uploaded 21 Dec 2015
Victimless Crimes – A Buddhist Response
Editor's note: This article was first published in the now-retired Bodhi Journal, Issue 12, June 2009.A crime is usually understood as the infringement of an established system of law of a commun
Uploaded 26 Apr 2013
Batman: The Dark Knight – A Buddhist Perspective
 “Batman - The Dark Knight” film has the deepest meaning among the Batman movie series. It inherits the consistent theme throughout – that all the villains are portrayed as survivo
Uploaded 28 May 2012
Lessons from Mindfulness
We can distinguish circumstances as considered intended (whether they're actually intended is another story) or unintended - situations deemed as deliberately chosen, or contingent. The consciously in
Uploaded 25 Apr 2011
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