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The Buddhism of Forks or Chopsticks
Translating Pure Land Buddhism into an Anglo-Australian setting
Uploaded 29 Dec 2016
Chinese Pure Land Buddhism - A Buddhism of Faith
I first came across Pure Land Buddhism about five years ago, during a chance meeting of a Buddhist monk in Shanghai China. I had at that stage of my life reached a depth of despair after a relati
Uploaded 29 Aug 2013
Venerable Wuling: “Rebirth in the Pure Land is up to each of us”
It is said that your conditions determine your vocation in life. Sometimes, such a proverb overlooks the role that human hands play in dealing a reshuffle to the deck of fate. We forget how human acti
Uploaded 5 Oct 2012
A Missed Opportunity
  The inspiration for creating this children’s book came from old Chinese texts (Di Zi Gui) and the teachings of Master Chin Kung, a monk of Pure Land Buddhism. Venerable Wuling illust
Uploaded 29 Jun 2012
Celebrating Chinese New Year the Buddhist Way
Chinese New Year celebration in Chinese communities in all corners of the globe is characterized with heart-warming traditional greetings like “Jinyumangtang” – (May wealth fill your hall!); “
Uploaded 1 Feb 2012
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