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Celebrating Chinese New Year the Buddhist Way
Chinese New Year celebration in Chinese communities in all corners of the globe is characterized with heart-warming traditional greetings like “Jinyumangtang” – (May wealth fill your hall!); “
Uploaded 1 Feb 2012
CNY from Small Town to Big City
I’ve spent my time growing up in the city, but when it comes to Chinese New Year holidays, it’s always back to my Dad’s small town called Kampar - an ex tin mining town in Perak, a northern
Uploaded 1 Feb 2012
The Need for Chinese Buddhist Cultural Influence
The absence of a Buddhist cultural presence in mainstream UK culture still leaves me in sporadic but apoplectic rages reminiscent of Fu Manchu. We say what little we can about Buddhism, but
Uploaded 1 Feb 2012
Change of Location
Our first Chinese New Year in Vancouver after an absence of many years proved to be both educational and amusing.  Educational because we had to relearn the “local” Chinese customs here, whi
Uploaded 1 Feb 2012
Silent Offerings
What does Chinese New Year mean to me? First, it is the power hoses that one begins to notice… these are not your ordinary garden-variety hoses with a spray nozzle attachment… but mo
Uploaded 1 Feb 2012
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