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Buddhist Path Beyond Borders
On education and the oneness of humanity
Uploaded 20 Oct 2017
100-day Mahamudra Transmission at Palpung Sherabling: The Silent and Far Reaching Call of the Ultimate
On experiencing buddhahood and reaching the ocean of certain bliss
Uploaded 19 Oct 2017
Building Communities and Cultivating Networks in the Field of Buddhist Studies
Experiential learning at the University of Toronto
Uploaded 13 Oct 2017
The Five Mental Hindrances
Freeing of the mind from all limitations, fetters, and bonds
Uploaded 9 Oct 2017
Chan Practice Through the Heart of a Dharma Heir
Sharing the teachings of the Dharma
Uploaded 6 Oct 2017
A Meditation on the Sinitic Lotus School: The Tiantai Trilogy, Part 1
Radical self-recontextualization of Tiantai Buddhist philosophy
Uploaded 22 Sep 2017
18th IABS Congress Showcases the Vitality and Global Reach of Buddhist Studies
Insights and reflections from a meeting of minds
Uploaded 22 Sep 2017
Conventional Body View
Body awareness and arising consciousness
Uploaded 15 Sep 2017
Master Shandao’s Exegesis on the Deep Mind: Faith Established in Context of Practice, Part Two
How the context of practice shapes the cultivation of faith
Uploaded 8 Sep 2017
Using the Everyday to Reflect on the Profound
Finding the Dharma in the mundane
Uploaded 1 Sep 2017
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