Intercultural Trip to Turkey with the CBSAA and Anatolia Cultural Dialogue Society, 2012

By Buddhistdoor International Editorial staff
Buddhistdoor Global | 2012-10-15 |
View from Topkapi Palace to the BosphorousView from Topkapi Palace to the Bosphorous
Group members in front of Blue Mosque, IstanbulGroup members in front of Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Whirling dervishes in KonyaWhirling dervishes in Konya
Turkish delight and strong local coffeeTurkish delight and strong local coffee
Group members at ZAMAN newspaper offices, IstanbulGroup members at ZAMAN newspaper offices, Istanbul
The protective blue eye is a national symbol.The protective blue eye is a national symbol.

Intercultural Dialogue Trip to Turkey 2012: 

Buddhists and Muslims Together



The Anatolia Cultural & Dialogue Centre in Hong Kong (ACDC) invited and hosted two delegations from HKU - Centre for Buddhist Studies Alumni Association (CBSAA) during July and August this summer. The ACDC is a non-governmental Turkish cultural organization that promotes cultural & interfaith dialogue exchange to promote understanding between different communities.


The Buddhist groups toured cities in Turkey, visited historical monuments, schools, media offices, charitable foundations, and private homes. The local Turkish hosts shared their hospitality, cultural heritage and Muslim practices of daily life in this secular modern society. Numerous discussions were shared throughout the travels, and reciprocally the Turkish people learned more about Buddhism and Chinese values.


Buddhists and Muslims both came away with new appreciation of common virtues, shared human kinship, and mutual desire for peaceful societies in the world today. Please enjoy reading some of the reflective essays on the experience in Turkey from the Buddhist perspective:




“Fethullah Gülen – a Special Movement”


Planting Seeds of Understanding


Love and Compassion: Rumi’s Seven Advices


An Initial Experience of Sufi Mysticism


Under the Turkish Sky


Rupa and Form Manifestations Encountered in Turkey


My Personal Experience of Ramadan


Peaches in Izmir


A new Right View on Islam



Do Buddhists do Good Things to be Rewarded?”




Confessing Coexistence 


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