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Guoying Stacy Zhang is a writer, curator, and art consultant. With her expertise in Buddhist art and teachings, she is dedicated to inspiring the contemporary world with ancient cultural heritage. Ms Zhang has worked with prominent museums, auction houses, and religious institutions. This column is intended to reveal authentic Buddhist teachings and rare art objects to the general public, by interviewing religious masters, scholars, artists, and private collectors, as well as sharing personal experiences. Guoying Stacy Zhang obtained MA degrees in Art History at the School of Oriental and African Studies and the Courtauld Institute of Art. Prior to that, she was educated at Fudan University and UC Berkeley. To learn more about her work or get in touch, please visit www.gszhang.com.


Exploring Chinese Buddhism is published bi-monthly. 

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Human Connection: Retired Catholic Priests and a Chinese Buddhist Monk
Having faith in the human capacity to connect
Uploaded 8 Apr 2020
The Artful Transformation of Human Suffering: Banksy and Buddhist Art
Expressions of Samsara and liberation
Uploaded 5 Feb 2020
Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art: Strengthening the International Community of Himalayan Art
A repository of exquisite art and deep wisdom
Uploaded 31 Dec 2019
Ching Fang Bookstore: A Family Story of Buddhism in Modern Taiwan
An intergenerational bookstore in the heart of Kaohsiung
Uploaded 3 Oct 2019
Spiritual Encounters: In Memory of Cui Xiuwen
On meeting a pioneering woman: feminism, Buddhism, and art
Uploaded 2 Sep 2019
Tibet on the Silk Road from a Curator’s Eye: An Exhibition Tour with Dr. David Pritzker
A groundbreaking exhibition showcasing early Tibetan art and culture
Uploaded 2 Aug 2019
The Development of Chinese Buddhism in the US: Interview with Venerable Chaofan
American Association of Buddhist Education founder on the dissemination of Chinese Buddhism in the US
Uploaded 29 Dec 2018
Lingyan Monastery: The Development of an Ancient Monastery in Contemporary China
Exploring one of China’s four greatest Buddhist monasteries
Uploaded 24 Nov 2018
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