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Breeshia Wade completed her BA in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University and received her MA in Religious Studies from the University of Chicago. She also completed training as a Zen Buddhist Chaplain via Upaya Zen Center. She currently serves as a  Buddhist hospice/palliative care chaplain in LA County. In addition to providing spiritual counseling to patients, she uses her training as a reiki master teacher to offer touch therapy to alleviate trauma and grief.

In the evenings, Breeshia is either writing or using her experience as a birth doula and end-of-life caregiver to encourage those who are not facing illness, death or dying to be open to what grief can teach them about desire, career, life, and relationships via online courses and in-person workshops. She also makes kits, ebooks and t-shirts that use humor to address the anger and subsequent grief of experiencing misogynoir. Reach out to Breeshia at breeshiawade@gmail.com.


Everyday Dharma is discontinued but you can continue reading the column articles below.

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Acknowledging Anger and Developing Compassion
Cultivating wisdom in the face of structural violence
Uploaded 30 Oct 2019
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