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Shuyin is a freelance writer and has been a volunteer worker with various Dharma-based charity projects in Myanmar and Sri Lanka for more than 15 years. She is also a certified teacher in mindfulness for children.

Dharma Project of the Month is published monthly.

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Exploring Engaged Buddhism with Professor Christopher Queen
The role of Buddhism in fostering global change
Uploaded 16 Dec 2016
Living Dr. Ambedkar’s Vision
Babasaheb's legacy in the 21st century
Uploaded 18 Nov 2016
Healing the Wounds of War with Love and Compassion
Facing the legacy of war in Vietnam with Buddhist compassion
Uploaded 21 Oct 2016
Pintu Belajar — Opening Doors to Learning
Giving the gift of education in Indonesia
Uploaded 23 Sep 2016
Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic—Ensuring the Welfare of the Sick and Needy
A flourishing of Buddhist compassion
Uploaded 26 Aug 2016
The Gift of Sight, the Gift of Dhamma
Changing lives through compassion
Uploaded 29 Jul 2016
Thadama Myintzu Nunnery: A Refuge for Girls at Risk
A Burmese nunnery protecting girls from trafficking and sex work
Uploaded 30 Jun 2016
An Alternative Education for Self-Sufficiency
The unique philosophy of education at Mab-Euang School in Thailand
Uploaded 3 Jun 2016
An Eye Doctor’s Vision
Bringing sight and hope to the impoverished of Sri Lanka
Uploaded 6 May 2016
Mithuru Mithuro - A Compassionate Friend to Drug Addicts in Sri Lanka
Extending the Buddhist hand of compassion
Uploaded 8 Apr 2016
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