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Satya Robyn is a writer, a psychotherapist, a Buddhist priest, and a member of Extinction Rebellion, seeking to bring about needed change in our human relationship with the earth. More on her life and work can be found at her website, www.satyarobyn.com.


Dear Earth offers monthly writings from the heart, touching on both the devastation that humans have wrought on the earth and the beautiful possibilities for transformation within each of us as individuals and of our interconnected societies.

Dear Earth is published monthly.

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Would the Buddha Be on Facebook?
Tackling the three poisons of social media
Uploaded 17 Sep 2020
Preparing for Rebellion
A Buddhist contemplates the dream of living more lightly on the Earth
Uploaded 14 Aug 2020
Birdsong Dharma
Learning from nature to let go of our need to control
Uploaded 7 Jul 2020
Selfishness in a Time of Crisis
What can we, as Buddhists, do when we witness our own selfishness?
Uploaded 6 Apr 2020
Three Awakenings and Four Noble Truths
Engaging with our suffering Earth; engaging with truth
Uploaded 11 Mar 2020
What Keeps Buddhist Activists Sane?
Navigating despair and grief in an age of climate crisis
Uploaded 7 Feb 2020
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