Public Talk - The Bhutan Nuns Foundation

Many girls and women in the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan enter nunneries to receive an education and to escape poverty. As Buddhist nuns, these women dedicate their lives to serving their local communities, helping families in need, and acting as role models. Despite their contributions to society, nunneries in Bhutan often lack sanitation, basic amenities, trained teachers, and learning materials.

The Bhutan Nuns Foundation works to address this imbalance by empowering and educating Bhutanese nuns, improving their living conditions, and helping to preserve this Buddhist kingdom’s vibrant, ancient culture in the face of rapid economic development—which in Bhutan is measured not by Gross National Product but by Gross National Happiness.

On 30 November, Dr. Tashi Zangmo, director of the Bhutan Nuns Foundation, will share her remarkable story about the foundation’s vital work as an expression of Buddhist compassion and as a manifestation of the Bhutan government’s Gross National Happiness approach to economic development. 

This event is co-organized by Buddhistdoor Global, the Centre of Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong, and the HKU Centre of Buddhist Studies Alumni Association (CBSAA).

Date: 30 November 2017
Time: 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Venue: Wang Gungwu Lecture Hall, Graduate House, HKU
Admission: Free

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